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Packaging Panda Inc. is an established leader in offering impactful packaging solutions for grains, pulses, and Rice in the Greater Toronto Area. Packaging Panda is one of the only packaging company which offers a full range of services including Packaging, Labelling and Sorting to fulfill great bulk quantity order in specific time to Customers. With a focus on personalized customer service, cost-efficiency, and on-time delivery, we take pride in providing innovative packaging solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We pack products from small quantity to bulk quantity Containers – CEREALS, PULSES, LEGUME, GRAINS, RICE according to our customers need and requirement.

Whether you are currently doing business with us or interested in becoming one of our suppliers, ontact us on +1 (647) 290 5527 to learn more about our packaging procedure.

  • Sorting

  • Packaging

  • Labelling

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With a strong brand identity, customers are more likely to remember your business. A strong brand name and logo/image helps your company stay in the minds of your potential customers. By working with Packaging Panda, you can get the high-quality packaged products in variety of pouches to deliver your bulk quantity into Market at an affordable price.
  • Competitive Prices + High Quality Control
  • Fast Turn Around Time for sampling and production

  • Private Label or Custom Designs accepted
  • Packing & Shipping Internationally

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Our Warehousing and Logistics abilities continue to grow with our company. With our strategically located warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario Packaging Panada Inc. have capability to provide everything you need when you need it on time every time.

By using our owned dedicated Packaging Team, we provide the personalized service you would expect from a world class company. From thousands of high-quality packaging solutions to dedicated Shipping stock and inventory for your every need we have the warehousing and logistics solution to support and drive your business.